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NOma is the initiative of the cultural association “sulle nostre gambe” and aims to spread the stories of those who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the mafia. NOma is an app that guides citizens, tourists, the young and the old through the streets of Palermo and its surroundings, to the places where the mafia attacks - that rocked Italy from the 1970s onwards - took place. NOma aims to provide a helpful tool to a new generation in order to combat an evil that has still not been eradicated, despite the huge steps that have been taken in recent years. An evil that, instead, continues to spread in our country in ever more subtle ways. Each story is told and illustrated with the aid of historical documents, digital animations, biographical notes, videos, period photos and family interviews, with the voice of Pif and many other artists.The application also proposes itineraries leading to the discovery of the realities that join "Addiopizzo", a movement that acts from below, born on the initiative of a group of young people who have chosen to fight the Mafia promoting a system of virtuous economy free from mafia , through the instrument of "critical consumption Addiopizzo”.